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PUNKT coaches you throughout the development process to provide an eligible business plan ready to acquire MONEY.

PUNKT has worked with young researchers from university as well as highly experienced experts from industry, having invented and patented a new technology, method or similar and founded their startup based on that patent.

A startup company with focus on nano particle analysis

PUNKT evaluated their innovative idea for a mobile device that measures and analysis nano particles in the air and led and coached this company throughout the entire process to develop an eligible business plan, which guides the young team to structure,  successfully run and grow their new business.

A startup company with focus on pharma quality control:

PUNKT evaluated the eligibility of their next development step for European funding, a unique industrially applicable device for quality control of packaged medicine, and guided and coached throughout the description process of a business plan for this authentication technology.

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Chose the module of your needs:

Closing the Gaps Business Plan

Prerequisite for Workshop 1 - Business Plan: 

  • PUNKT has evaluated your innovation which is the basis of your new business you want to start,
  • You bring the performed market study (market type, size, growth rate), 
  • You knowing the market entry barriers, 
  • You bring the analysis of the direct & Indirect competitors nationally and internationally, 
  • You bring the background of the innovation in keywords, 
  • You have clarified the intellectual property situation and can provide a Freedom to Operate, and
  • You bring a few attractive pictures of your innovation.

Workshop 1  - Business Plan (one full day)

  • PUNKT coaches structured, conceptional and user-/customer-oriented, while we are identifying the initial situation and developing an action plan of your innovation.
  • PUNKT coaches structured, while we are challenging your innovation on sustainability and internationalisation.
  • PUNKT coaches creative while we are constructing a 1st very simple prototype of your product, service, application or process using different materials and videos.

Results workshop 1  - Business Plan: 

  • Action plan in the format of a pitch deck that you are requested to present to potential private investors. 
  • 1st very simple prototype of your innovation that you are requested to test and get feedback from users, customers and private investors.

  • Optional: PUNKT provides potential private investors.
Eligible Business Plan

Prerequisite for Workshop 2 -  Business Plan: 

  • You provide the results of the 1st simple prototype or PUNKT has evaluated your previous business plan.
  • Pricing table of your innovation.
  • Suggestions for the most suitable business mode.
  • Profit and loss plan.

Workshop 2 –  Business Plan (one half day)

  • PUNKT coaches structured while we are implementing the learnings that you have received from potential users and possibly from investors into your action plan or we advance your previous business plan.
  • PUNKT coaches creative while we are implementing the learnings to the 1st simple prototype to create a 2nd advanced prototype.
  • PUNKT coaches structured, conceptual and practical while we are advancing and completing the action plan with facts and figures to a business plan.

Results workshop 2 -  Business Plan: 

  • Eligible business plan in the format of a pitch deck ready to apply for national or European funding and to present to further private investors.
  • Advanced simple prototype of your innovation to test with users and customers and to present to private investors.

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