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PUNKT looks for appropriate funding for your innovative idea, business plan or for the next milestone prioritized in your roadmap.

PUNKT has nearly two decades of experience searching the right call(s) and evaluating the conformity with customers' needs. The focus has been on the versatile calls of the framework program for research and innovation of the European Commission and on those published nationally for example by InnoSuisse, and the InnoSuisse Flagship initiative or any other national or international tender in Europe.

The funding opportunities are targeting on 

  • innovations that provide solutions for the manyfold societal challenges,
  • the stepwise translation of research findings into marketable innovations,
  • the creation of new markets with novel, breakthrough technologies, methods and approaches,
  • strengthening the competitiveness and sustainable growth, and
  • others.

There are bottom-up and top-down topics which are published regularly.

There are funding schemes which are particularly suitable for companies, are supported with 50% to 70% non-refundable grants and request a clear business plan.

There are funding schemes particularly suitable for multi- and interdisciplinary collaborative innovation projects, are supported with 100% non-refundable grants for academic as well as non-profit and 50% to 70% for industrial researchers, developers and organisations in the different sectors. Collaborative projects enable the building of strong ecosystems and this way to effectively and efficiently attend the needs of customers.

PPUNKT is happy to answer your questions and sends you a quotation tailored to your needs. Just send your questions and needs to

Searching for Funding Opportunities

PUNKT searches for national, European or international funding opportunities that are well suitable for the implementation of your innovative idea and offers the best chance that your project application will be funded.


Presentation of one or more funding opportunities, which are in conformity with your project idea, business plan or for the next step prioritized in your roadmap, including the particular requirements of the funding commission. 

With this information you are able to decide where the best chances are of getting the financial resources to implement your project idea, your business plan or the next milestone on your roadmap.

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