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You can expect smooth and cooperative support at the highest level. I lead your project, handle the project management side and implement clearly defined tasks efficiently, competently, and with integrity, answering fully to you and your needs. – Professionalism at all times.

@ You know your VISION, or you wish my support to DEVELOP THE VISION together with a core team of excellent experts.

@ I COACH the core team of EXCELLENT EXPERTS to co-develop an inherently consistent and sustainable PROJECT IDEA and identify GAPS OF EXPERTISE.

@ We, thogether, look for the highest motivated EXPERTS from industry and academy needed to develop and implement a deeply convincing project.

@ I LEAD this intersectoral team of excellence and we together develop a PROJECT of mutual benefit.

@ For EUROPEAN, international and national FUNDING APPLICATIONS I describe the project and its implementation in all details.

@ As ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER I support you and am the interface between the project, the project partner organisations and the funding commission.


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