Changes everywhere - Want to find back to FUN and ROCK 'N' ROLL ?

You get stuck and the drama takes its course

  • in your company: The customers and their needs or requirements change, new competitors and technologies change the markets, your revenues change. Digital transformation.
  • in the course of your life: You get sick or a burnout slows you down and your life stands upside down.
  • in your family: You have to pick up the slack and manage additional tasks.

Daniela Achermann and Brigitte Rohner empower you, your team, and your family to find back to the FLOW, and get access to INSPIRATION and NEW IMPULSES.

You will learn to adopt a new, very personal inner attitude and transmit it step by step to your team, family and your life.

Target audience: 

  • Everybody who wants to be authentic in everyday life, in family.
  • Managers of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who step by step want to perform a cultural change in the company, the basis for ongoing success, which is the success of your entire team.

Daniela Achermann and Brigitte Rohner are happy to answer your questions and send you a quotation tailored to your needs. Just send your questions and needs in an email to

Changes in the company that might require a change of thinking:

  • New business processes are introduced to stay competitive, and/or
  • Jobs disappear due to automation, professional retraining is needed and/or new jobs are created, and/or
  • The structure of the company is adapted, and/or
  • The board of directors or yourself decide a strategy shift, and/or
  • The management approach is aligned to the new processes, and many other changes.



"Higher - faster -better"

are the names of the challenges today

We have become a society of specialists. Interdisciplinary cooperation is essential but is constantly accompanied by ideal ideas. Idealization makes us forget to value our counterparts, even ourselves.

We can no longer get along with our team, with the project, with the tasks, maybe even with ourselves. You want to change because it is no longer fun, because you just get stuck. You want to use your own potential and bring it to the team in a meaningful way. You want to be authentic. You want to work with a team of integrity and thus find the flow.

We - Daniela Achermann and Brigitte Rohner - enable you to achieve these goals. You will learn to adopt a new, very personal inner attitude: we scrutinize familiar communication patterns. Brigitte Rohner will moderate the seminar and provide examples and suggestions from her many years of innovation management experience in international project teams. Daniela Achermann will guide you in the group on how you can personally find a value-free exchange with others and their knowledge, skills and experience. You decide whether and to what extent you want to exchange ideas with the other participants.

With this newly discovered inner attitude you will find your way back to yourself, your authenticity, your inner stability and can convincingly pass this attitude on to others. You perceive the daily challenges as impulses and inspiration and thus unleash undreamt potential in your team, company and in yourself. This means that even complex tasks can be solved in a flow and with pleasure.

Target groups:

People who work with and in teams and people who mainly lead, manage and negotiate, e.g. project managers, project employees, project developers, managing directors.

Seminar language:

German (with English translationon request and with surcharge)

Duration of the seminar:

9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., including coffee and lunch breaks.

Seminar program parts:

  • Awareness of blockages.
  • Perception of internal stressors.
  • Change of attitude.

Seminar price:

CHF 450 per person, excluding rooms, meals and VAT.

Seminar group size:

6-12 people

seminar requests: or

We ask for the following information:

  • Number of participants
  • Branch
  • Field of activity
  • Challenges to be solved
  • Desired location of the seminar
  • Desired seminar dates (at least 6-8 weeks’ notice)
  • Size of available space with free walls or two free partitions; m2 ?
  • Availability projector: yes / no

We will send you a written offer tailored to your needs. Just send your inquiry and your phone number to We are happy to call you and learn more about your plans and needs.

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