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PUNKT guides you through the strategic roadmap development process that enables you to get the funding in time and to ensure business process.

PUNKT has worked with startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who invested creativity, know-how, time and money to develop their products, services, applications or processes, based on their core innovation, method and user/customer needs. Trust always played a major role but was additionally safeguarded with a non-disclosure agreement.

If you are a startup and your first product, service, application or process starts to generate revenues towards break even, it’s the right time to go ahead with developing your roadmap and having the funding available in time. Use this momentum to plan the next user-/customer-oriented product, service, application or process based on your core innovation that you brought successfully to the market.

If you are an established SME use the momentum of new technologies, growing network, new partnerships, new business models and the versatile digital opportunities to advance your products, services, applications and/or processes with working on an advanced roadmap. With the roadmap you outline the vision of your company and ensure progress. You might transfer a new esprit into your company.

PUNKT is happy to answer your questions and sends you a quotation tailored to your needs. Just send your questions and needs to

Closing the Gaps Roadmap SME

Prerequisite Workshop 1 - Roadmap SME: 

  • PUNKT has evaluated your innovation and knows the basic features of your core innovation.

Workshop 1 – Roadmap  (half- or full-day, depending the level of gaps)

  • PUNKT coaches structured, while we are specifying the basis for your roadmap.
  • PUNKT coaches conceptual and practical while we are framing the user journey for the target group(s) (what, who, how).
  • PUNKT coaches creative, conceptual and practical while we are describing the basic steps of your user journey.
  • PUNKT coaches structured, conceptual and practical , while we are challenging your roadmap on international sustainability.

Result Workshop 1 - Roadmap SME: 

  • A description of your sustainable user journey. 
  • This is needed to identify the scaling potential of your innovation and hence develop different user stories in workshop 2 resulting in different products, services, applications, processes OR resulting in a minimum viable products (MVPs) that are or have the potential to be internationally marketable.
Dive into Customer Needs

Prerequisite for Workshop 2 -  Roadmap SME: 

You provide the description of your sustainable user journey.

Workshop 2 – Roadmap SME (two full days)

Day 1:

  • PUNKT coaches creative, conceptual and practical while we are creating different user stories.
  • PUNKT coaches creative and listens carefully while we are prioritizing the user stories, first, along the existing user experience to develop an innovation with highest possible convenience, and second, along a time frame to create the blueprint of the road-map.

Day 2:

  • PUNKT coaches structured, conceptual and practical while we are breaking down the essential working steps along the prioritized user stories and identifying the different expertise and resources needed to implement each working step.
  • PUNKT coaches creative, listens carefully and gives feedback while we are testing each of the different user stories with fictional characters > "As a [type of user] I want [a particular feature] in order to [interaction description]".
  • PUNKT guides accurately while we are improving the different user stories.

Results of Workshop 2 – Roadmap SME

  • A differentiated roadmap that is built on convenience for the targeted users and aligned with your profit and loss plan. It can be easily adapted annually or bi-annually to the needs of the market or trends.
  • well-conceived roadmap well coordinated with the company’s strategy to timely start the funding application process and consequently, to have the needed funding in time.

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